fees:   job specific, please inquire by email or phone (410.576.9200)



studio headshots
studio portraits

You receive the digital file (JPEG) of all images you order, thereby allowing you to print as many photographs as you wish.
Retouching services are included at no additional fee for your first three images.
Each image will be given to you as a color JPEG and a B&W JPEG — typically, 7×8@300 ppi, but any size is available.

The shoot is a dynamic, collaborative creation.  After discussing
the type of look you want, we shoot & look at the results, and shoot &
look at the results, until you’re happy.

I’m more interested in the result than the clock, unless you’re on a tight
schedule, in which case we’ll shoot to meet your time requirements.

My studio is located in the historic Rockland Gristmill, which also
offers unique outdoor settings for casual shots if desired.

For pricing, please inquire by email or phone.


Learn how to:
master your camera and pre-visualize your images —
enhance your images with Photoshop.

spend an hour, morning or afternoon with me.

per hour (1 on 1):  $100
per hour (2 students):  $70 per student
per hour (3 students):  $50 per student

spend a  full day with me:  we’ll talk and set a fee.



You, Your Digital Camera & The Artist Within

This basic course – available in formats of 2, 4 and 6 hours – will teach you everything you’ve always wanted to know – (and maybe a few things you didn’t know you’d want to know) – about metering, F-stops, shutter speeds, ISO, depth of field, file formats, archiving your images, and the like.  We’ll also review the elements that help make a winning composition.  This presentation is for the beginner as well as the photographer seeking a refresher on the basics of the craft.  The primary goal is to help you turn your camera into a manageable tool – one that permits you to create precisely the image you want.

Finding Your Vision in Black & White

In this presentation — available in formats of 2, 3, 4 & 8 hours — we use a projector to review and discuss the photographs of such B&W masters as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Arnold Newman, Helmut Newton, Elliot Erwitt, Diane Arbus, Saul Leiter, Ray K. Mezker, Garry Winogrand, Ernst Haas, Jim Marshall, Herman Leonard and Michael Kenna.  While exploring these masters, we’ll focus on elements of composition, light, texture, and subject, as we wrestle with the question:  what makes a “great” photograph?  Depending on the time, I’ll also suggest tips and techniques for capturing a fine art image, whether it be shot on the street, at a chosen location or in the studio.  If time permits, we’ll also move to the post-capture process, and touch on how to create a B&W fine art image in Photoshop.  Finally, in the extended course where several classes are offered, students are asked to participate in assignments, and are also encouraged to bring their work to class.


upcoming presentations for Finding Your Vision:

3-class course, Fall 2013 — Johns Hopkins Odyssey Program  — click here & see page 32 for details

TESTIMONIALS for Finding Your Vision in Black & White

Below is every review received by the Prince Williams Professional Photographers Association for a presentation given on 30 June 2011:

“Great. Impressive.  Breathtaking B&W images.  It was more than techniques and more than just photography; Leo shared a vast knowledge and wisdom.  I really enjoyed it.  I live far away (half an hour east of Fredericksburg), but it certainly was worth the long drive. I wish there was more time and I hope that the speaker will be invited again as he has so much to share, and in a very engaging and clear presentation. Thank you organizers for this high quality event.”   S. Ordoubadi

“Another inspirational and captivating speaker and photographer!  Leo shared his passion for photography in such a dynamic way that I will never look at Black and White images the same way again. I felt that I was back in time, learning about all the great masters of photography… and understanding them more.  He truly stirred the vision in each one of us ….  it was more than the technicalities but grabbing that “decisive moment”  :=)   I wished we had more time because it was truly motivating and left me hanging in my seat, wanting to learn and hear more.  Thanks Leo!!!”  S. De Leon

“Leo was a great speaker! I truly enjoyed looking at the photographs he presented and listening to his interpretations. It was a true refresher on what photography is really about. It was just too bad we could not listen to him for a whole day. 🙂 ”   E. Damron

“Leo was a breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed his presentation and [it] was very inspiring.  I’m excited to get out and shoot using the tips he gave us.  Hope he comes back again!”  J. Socher

“I had seen a few of the images that Leo reviewed, but it seems I never opened my eyes!  Through his discussion, I learned to spend more time in an image and try to really “see” what the photographer was striving for. His passion is contagious, and his knowledge was evident.   I look forward to seeing Leo whenever possible.”  M. Wine

“I really enjoyed the seminar with Leo Lubow.  I’ve heard other black and seminars before ….  Leo tops them all.  I learned a few concepts. I liked how he tied history in the seminar. I liked his prints. I would like to attend more seminars from Leo Lubow and ones similar.”  M. Pucciarelli

“An enjoyable evening with Leo Lubow!  The lecture combined an historical perspective of several famous photogs to enlighten us on form, composition, and light.  Wished we’d had more time to dive deeper into this subject.”  C. Schaefer

“Absolutely inspirational. What a treat we had tonight. Leo Howard Lubow totally inspired me to keep forging ahead with my photography with his down to earth easy going encouraging approach.”  S. Wood

“This was a great seminar. I wish it could have been even longer for it left me wanting more. I also loved the excitement the speaker expressed as he went through the photos. It is great to see someone so passionate about their work and the work of others. Enjoyed!!”  S Lanier

“Mr. Lubow was a great speaker.  He made me look at taking pictures in a new way.  I am looking forward to him returning and I have been very pleased with the previous speakers.”  J. Petsko, Jr.

“Fantastic program!  Loved viewing work by various photographers and having the presenter’s comments.  Enjoyed Leo’s work which was displayed around the room as well as talking to him about where and when the photos were taken.  Please invite him back again for more.”  N. Woodward